Ask Romana Menta
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Colgate… where are you?


Colgate… where are you?

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“So, this new wife of yours…” Said Star Catcher, as she and Romana left the donut shop. “From what you said back at our table, she has a foal named Berry Pinch who you’ve been pretty much looking after whenever her mom couldn’t?”

“It’s a little more than that, but yeah.” The blue unicorn mumbled, finishing off the last bit of her donut. “Pinchy’s a sweet little filly, you’d love her if you got the chance to meet up.”

“And Berry Punch is pretty much a drunk.”

Romana made a face. “No. I mean, she does some nights but not always.”

“Seems like its always from what you’ve said about her…”


“I’m just… concerned, Romana. That’s all, I don’t want us to fight right after we’ve finally gotten to talk again.”

Romana smiled. “Its nice to know you’re worried about me. But we’re gonnan do just fine, I know it.”

Then, a strange voice caused both fillies to turn.


Then, a strange voice caused both fillies to turn.

The colt smiled brightly. “When Star Catcher said you were in town I never figured I’d get to see you so soon.”

Romana stared at him for a moment or two before it finally clicked who this was. Her eyes went wide as a heavy blush fell over her cheeks.


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